Besties Stray Kids’ Changbin And CRAVITY’s Serim Snuck A Trending Move Into Their Performances

The 99-liner friends were on the exact same page.

Stray KidsChangbin, TXT‘s Yeonjun, ATEEZ‘s Wooyoung, and CRAVITY‘s Serim are well-known for being 99-liner best friends, along with a few other same-age idols.

Yeonjun, Changbin, Wooyoung, and Serim.

Proving just how close they are, eagle-eyed fans noticed Changbin and Serim sneaking in the same move for their Mnet performances.

Changbin | @Stray_Kids/Twitter

In episode 747 of M Countdown, Stray Kids performed their charismatic title track, “MANIAC”, with a fun twist from Changbin. He decided to make the popular Gyaru Peace Sign with his right hand during his part.

In the same episode, Serim made the same peace sign during CRAVITY’s performance of their bubbly title track “Adrenaline”.

Since it seemed too much of a coincidence, fans were convinced the two close friends had planned it from the start, which lines up with how often Changbin and Serim talk to each other.

Serim | @CRAVITY_twt/Twitter

Check out Changbin and Serim being the cutest close friends by sneaking in the same move.

Source: Twitter

Stray Kids

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