BIBI Opens Up About The Hardships That Come With Creating Music

BIBI is giving everything to her music but knows it’s all worth it.

BIBI recently sat down with Seventeen Magazine for a YouTube video, where she answered questions and opened up about the difficulties that come with being a musical artist.

BIBI | @nakedbibi/Instagram

The singer-songwriter, rapper, and producer is signed under FeelGhood Music, a label founded by legendary Korean hip-hop artist Tiger JK.

She’s been working on her first full-length album Lowlife Princess: Noir, and it has been evident over the past few months that she is giving the album her all. This led to an emotional Instagram Live in July, where BIBI exposed the physical and emotional toll creating the album while performing and traveling was taking on her.

| @nakedbibi/Instagram

She clarified later that the Instagram Live was the result of exhaustion and gushed about how supportive FeelGhood Music has been in fostering her creative freedom.

FeelGhood has worked tirelessly to bring all of my big ideas and visions to life.


In her video with Seventeen, BIBI was asked what the hardest part of being an artist was, and her answer showed how invested she is in wanting to release only the best music she can.

She shared that when she creates her music, she has to “destroy [herself]” a bit mentally because of the vulnerability that comes with creating art.

She explained that this is because when artists create, they look into themselves and their experiences to draw inspiration.

This hardworking mentality and her relentless dedication to being unapologetically herself have led her to become an artist that’s loved worldwide.

When asked what something she’ll never regret is, she immediately answered that she would never regret joining FeelGhood Music, 88Rising, and meeting her fans, which makes the sacrifices worth it.

Check out her full interview with Seventeen below!