There Is A Big Contrast Between ENHYPEN’s “Blessed-Cursed” And “Polaroid Love” And ENGENEs Are Loving It

“Blessed-Cursed” belongs on your saving the world playlist and “Polaroid Love” is for walking in the rain.

ENGENEs have been eagerly awaiting ENHYPEN‘s latest comeback, DIMENSION : ANSWER, and they were far from disappointed with the release.

ENHYPEN’s title track “Blessed-Cursed” has an addictive melody with hard-hitting choreography and the members’ powerful charisma. And fans can’t get enough.

And while “Blessed-Cursed” has a meaningful message, which you can read about here, ENGENEs are also absolutely loving another emotional song from the album, “Polaroid Love.”

“Polaroid Love” is a much softer song in contrast to “Blessed-Cursed,” as the lyrics compare love to a polaroid photograph. With melodic voices and a soft tune, “Polaroid Love” is a beautiful track and very opposite of their powerful “Blessed-Cursed.”

Needless to say, while ENGENEs love both songs, they find the contrast between the two amusing. 

All that fans can do is hope that this beautiful song gets a music video release of its own.

As always, ENHYPEN has shown off their immense talents with their latest comeback. And in particular, this time, they have showcased their impressive duality with two meaningful, unique-sounding tracks perfect for any playlist.