Big Hit’s Bang Si Hyuk And Park Jin Young Actually Started JYP Entertainment Together

Bang Si Hyuk was one of the first employees.

Many people may know Bang Si Hyuk as the producer of BTS and TXT, and CEO of Big Hit Entertainment but in fact, he used to work with JYP long before he established the agency.

Bang Si Hyuk, also known as “Hitman Bang”, graduated from the Seoul National University where he studied aesthetics. And while his major was not directly related to music, he began his career in music composition when he received the Bronze Award at the 6th Yoo Jae Ha Music Contest in 1997. He was then discovered by JYP Entertainment‘s Park Jin Young and produced numerous hit songs including Rain‘s “Bad Guy”, g.o.d.‘s “Sky Blue Balloon”, Baek Ji Young‘s “Like Being Shot by a Bullet” and “My Ear’s Candy”, Park Ji Yoon‘s “I’m in Love”, 2AM‘s “Never Let You Go” and many, many more.

At the press conference for his show, Super Intern, Park Jin Young stated that 20 years ago, JYP Entertainment consisted of only 3 employees: himself, Bang Si Hyuk and an employee of the Accounting Team.

It’s been 20 years since I established the company. 20 years ago, we had 3 employees: me, Bang Si Hyuk and a member of the Accounting Team.

ㅡ Park Jin Young

It wasn’t until 2005 when Bang Si Hyuk parted ways with JYP Entertainment and established his own company, Big Hit Entertainment. In 2010, JYP Entertainment entrusted the management of their artist, 2AM, to Big Hit Entertainment based on the close relationship between Park Jin Young and Bang Si Hyuk and Big Hit’s know-how. Big Hit Entertainment managed the group until 2014.

Despite the fact that Bang Si Hyuk became independent of JYP, he has shown that he still respects Park Jin Young deeply by giving him a special thanks during his award speech at the 2016 Asia Artist Awards. The two are known to have a deep friendship until this day.

I’d like to thank Park Jin Young, who has taught me everything about producing from A to Z.

ㅡ Bang Si Hyuk

Although Big Hit Entertainment was still only a small company when they were starting out with 2AM, they succeeded in debuting the famous BTS in 2013 through Producer Bang Si Hyuk’s strict and persistent training. The company has since been continuing to grow rapidly with the international success of BTS. With their newest group, TXT, Big Hit is expected to experience another “big hit” year.

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