BIG ISSUE Magazine Describes Jin As The “Engine” of BTS And The “Heart” Of Their Music

The writer promised fans that he would continue to praise Jin through his work.

Recently BTS‘s Jin received an article written specifically about him in BIG ISSUE Magazine! The author of the article, Isak Choi, went further and made an Instagram post about all of the other things he would have loved to say about Jin in the article. This was due to the fact that he became deeply impressed by Jin as a person and artist while doing his research.

| @isakchoi/Instagram

Isak Choi went on to shower the eldest with praise as he felt that Jin is a “unique and amazing person that makes your think a lot.” He was impressed by the member’s impeccable teamwork and care for both his group and his fans. Isak Choi wished he could have included more on Jin’s vocals in the article as it is one of his most important aspects.

I believe that Jin’s vocals are the ‘heart’ of BTS’s music. When the voices of four vocalists come together and rush to the song’s climax, Jin’s voice serves as an engine to heighten the climax.

—Isak Choi

| @bts_twt/Twitter

He also complimented the singer’s dancing skills, describing him as “the balance of power that completes BTS’s group dance.” He uses what he has to his advantage as he shows a strong performance despite not being the strongest dancer in the group.

Jin has often been chosen as the highlight of BTS’s songs by critics such as TIME Magazine, Rolling Stone Magazine, the Korean Music Awards, and more. His voice covers a wide range of notes and tones and impresses even the toughest critics.

Isak Choi concluded by promising fans that he would write more articles going more in-depth about his charms in the future.

Source: @isakchoi/Instagram and Image