The Truth Behind BIGBANG’s Alleged After-Party With Women In Lingerie

“Is it true that BIGBANG held a party with women in lingerie at the club?”

A rumor claiming that BIGBANG held a party at a club with beautiful women who were only wearing lingerie had been spreading.


Some believed that Chinese fans had maliciously edited the photo to make it look this way.


On August 7, 2015, BIGBANG held their 2015 World Tour “MADE” in Shenzhen in China. They also held an after-party at a club the following day.


On this day, Seungri even went up on stage and showed off his DJ-ing skills.


The members also thanked their Chinese fans for their support.


Then the members headed off to a private room where they held a party amongst themselves to celebrate. It seems that the women in lingerie were present during this time.


At the time, a Chinese fan had shared a post that explained BIGBANG had hung out with beautiful women wearing sexy lingerie for 4 hours.


And while the women were present, the party was not only for BIGBANG, but for all of the staff members as well. In other words, it was not a private party between BIGBANG and the ladies.


The BIGBANG members, as well as the staff members, had simply enjoyed a party and went home afterward. See more photos from the party below:

Source: Dispatch