BIGBANG Fans Flood Taeyang with Messages in the Midst of Burning Sun Scandal

Some are even asking him to leave BIGBANG.

In recent weeks, BIGBANG members found themselves in quite a bit of controversy with Seungri being suspected for providing sexual entertainment to clients and G-Dragon not being promoted from “private first class” to “corporal” in the military.

Due to suspicions surrounding Seungri, he attended an 8.5-hour investigation at the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency in Jongro, Seoul on February 27.

As for the controversy surrounding G-Dragon’s inability to be promoted, a related person of the military confirmed that that was not due to spending too many days off base.

With so many rumors circulating about the BIGBANG members, countless comments have been posted on the private Instagram account of Taeyang, who is currently serving in the military himself.

The comments left on his most recent post include, “You’re the only one we can trust now, Oppa“, and “Please don’t disappoint us too, Oppa.”

The most surprising comments from fans included those that encouraged Taeyang to abandon the group, such as, “Hyung, can you just drop out of BIGBANG?” and “Drop out of the group as soon as you get discharged.

The messages Taeyang is getting suggests just how shocked BIGBANG fans are from the current controversies.

Source: Insight