Haters Predicted BIGBANG Would Fail As A Group… Here’s What They Said

Look who’s laughing now!

Back in 2006, YG Entertainment debuted a group by the name of BIGBANG. After countless #1 hits, sold-out concert tours, and numerous “Best Artist” awards, BIGBANG eventually became one of the top names in K-Pop.


The group, however, didn’t always have the huge amount of supporters that they have now.  Prior to their debut, YG Entertainment unveiled the final members of BIGBANG to the public, and received a significant amount of backlash.


Some netizens felt that BIGBANG didn’t have that “it” factor to succeed.

“In my opinion, it looks like they are wasting their time. They look like they will fail.”


Others felt that BIGBANG wouldn’t be able to survive against the competition.

“Still…how can they compete with SS501, TVXQ, or Super Junior…They aren’t even that good looking kk”


Their talent and song choices were also attacked.

“It’s getting old. They sound too similar to Se7en and Wheesung. Even if they are in the same company, they should try to differentiate a little..”


Some haters were just petty, claiming that the group was too ugly.

“Mr. Hyun Suk what are you doing. They are obviously going to fail. Just look at their faces. They have faces that are meant to fail.”


Looks like the joke is on them!


Because BIGBANG went off to become K-Pop legends, breaking records and paving the way for K-Pop to spread globally!

BIGBANG broke a long list of records, including the top paid K-Pop act of 2016, multiple YouTube view records, and more! They even made it to the Guinness Book Of World Records!


And in just a few years, the Kings will be back once again to continue on their legacy!