BIGBANG’s Taeyang Claims He Has No Real Friends Except for G-Dragon

“I don’t think I have any true friends.” – Taeyang

BIGBANG Taeyang‘s documentary, WHITE NIGHT recently revealed its 5th episode, which covered Taeyang’s friendships in his daily life.


The documentary began with the people surrounding Taeyang describing the star as a kind but private person.

He tends to keep to himself a lot, but I think he’s a really good person. I’ve worked with him for a long time, but I don’t think I still know.

– Taeyang’s Colleagues

What could be noticed about Taeyang’s life behind-the-scenes is that in contrast to his charismatic character on stage, he’s comfortable and friendly with staff, hair designer, and friends from abroad.

But what surprised many was when Taeyang confessed that he has no true friends.

I don’t think I have any true friends. The people I meet through work are my friends. But when I’m not working, I don’t have anyone that I can meet up with.

– Taeyang

Luckily, a staff member brought up fellow BIGBANG member, G-Dragon as a true friend, and Taeyang whole-heartedly agreed.

But you have Jiyong (G-Dragon).

– Staff

That’s true. Now he’s a true friend.

– Taeyang

Taeyang and G-Dragon debuted through BIGBANG back in 2006 before taking the world by storm with their group songs as well as their solo careers.

But their friendship goes way back even to before their debut and seeing from Taeyang’s recent confession, it truly shows.

Source: Dispatch