BIGBANG’s Taeyang Celebrates the Military Discharge of His Buddy, Go Kyung Pyo

Taeyang couldn’t hold back his excitement.

BIGBANG‘s Taeyang recently posted multiple photos on his Instagram live congratulating his acting buddy, Go Kyung Pyo on his military discharge.

His posts radiated with love and excitement.

The first post shows a video of Go Kyung Pyo, but he also covered it in a smiley sticker and hearts.

Taeyang then followed it up with another post that reads, “Oh my god… The day has finally come…

And that’s not all.

When Taeyang was discharged from the military last November, Go Kyung Pyo commented, “Congratulations, I’ll be right behind you.

And in response, Taeyang responded, “Kyung Pyo… Will that day ever come?

But when the day finally came, Taeyang immediately commented on Go Kyung Pyo’s discharge post with continued excitement.

Kyung Pyo, hahahaha. Finally!!! The day has come!!! Wow… Hahahaha.

– Taeyang

So much love coming from such a legend.

Source: Dispatch