Korean media reports signs of BIGBANG’s imminent comeback

YG Entertainment shed some light on BIGBANG’s possible activities in light of T.O.P’s early military enlistment. 

According to industry insiders, the members of BIGBANG met in Seoul to film their new music video and shot in private. This will be the second time that reports of their filming got out to the public.  Just last month, BIGBANG was allegedly spotted in the Chungcheonbuk province for filming.

The music video shoot warmed speculations that BIGBANG’s comeback in imminent. A comeback date was not confirmed, but speculations revealed that the album will be out before the year ends.

It coincided with reports speculating that it may be their last project with member T.O.P. Recent reports confirmed that T.O.P passed his police recruitment examination. The singer and actor may need to enlist within three months once he receives his enlistment notice.

Furthermore, BIGBANG is also closing their tenth-year anniversary celebrations with an encore concert in Seoul, South Korea.

Source: Etoday and Yonhap