BIGBANG’s new series on Youtube Red “Run BIGBANG Scout”

BIGBANG recently uploaded a new video series on Youtube Red titled Run, BIGBANG Scout and it is an absolute must-watch.

In the series, BIGBANG visit a camping ground where they will talk about their recent activities, play games, tease each other, and much more.

Only 2 episodes have been released so far but more will surely be released in the near future. Even with the limited episodes, there have been countless funny moments that are sure to put a smile on any viewers’ face.

Some of the highlights of the first episode include:

Seungri getting teased by the other members for his hairy legs and wearing “grandmother socks”.

Daesung getting scared at seemingly nothing.


Even though YouTube Red is a paid service, the first episode of the series is free for everyone to watch. To view the rest of the series, a YouTube Red subscription is necessary.

Watch episode 1 of Run, BIGBANG Scout below.

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