The Biggest Difference Between SHINee’s Minho As A SHINee Member And As An Actor, According To Minho Himself

“We’re the same, but we’re so different.”

SHINee‘s Minho is known for both his explosive, flaming charisma on stage and for his incredible versatility as an actor, and he recently opened up about how he’s different as a K-Pop idol and as an actor.

SHINee’s Minho | @choiminho_1209/Instagram

Minho was featured in the November 2021 issue of Harper’s Bazaar. He not only wowed the staff with his visuals during his photoshoot, but he also opened up about how he approaches acting and music differently.

| Harper’s Bazaar

The interviewer asked, “How do SHINee’s Minho and actor Minho compare?” Minho explained that SHINee Minho and actor Minho are “the same, but we’re so different.” 

Minho elaborated by saying that he focuses on showing more of what he does best when he’s performing with SHINee. “I try to show more of my colors,” he said.

Although he focuses on doing his best while acting too, Minho said he gets to try new things as an actor and that he loves being able to “become one” with his characters.

When I’m acting though, I try to go above and beyond who I am. As an actor, I try to show my best too, by choosing roles that I can really tackle, but there’s more to it because I push myself to become one with the character.


Minho also said that he finds acting more difficult than performing on stage, but he thinks acting is very fun. Although Minho thinks acting is harder than performing, he has proven himself to be a great actor on many occasions! He debuted as an actor in 2010, and has appeared in many K-Dramas since then. Most recently, he appeared in Yumi’s Cells as Woo Gi, one of Yumi’s (Kim Go Eun) coworkers that she has a crush on.

Minho as Woo Gi | TVING

Minho further elaborated by saying that he gets glimpses of different sides of himself that he “didn’t even know existed” when he’s acting. As a SHINee member, on the other hand, he gets to show his true personality to fans through his performances and appearances on TV shows with the members.

While Minho shows various sides of himself as an actor and as a SHINee member, we love all of his sides and think he excels in absolutely everything he does!