BigHit Entertainment’s Bang Sihyuk Once Shared What He Thinks Is The Difference Between Idols And Singers

He’s the man that made BTS.

Back in an interview in 2013, BigHit Entertainment‘s head honcho and the main producer for BTS, shared what he thinks is the difference between idols and regular singers.


Bang Sihyuk shared that he thinks people should not even be comparing singers and idols in the first place. Although this has become a common debate topic in the industry, the producer and CEO feels that they serve different purposes entirely.

I have lots of dissatisfaction when people place idols and normal singers on a level line and discuss them.  It’s not about which has more value or which is superior. It’s just a different service. You wouldn’t have the same things you want from Justin Bieber and Lil’ Wayne right? I think that idols and normal singers have different starts completely, and so there’s nothing to talk about if you put them on the same line. The only similarity is that they both sing and go up on stage.

— Bang Sihyuk


He went on the explain what he thinks idols cater to. As a CEO himself, he’s aware of how to identify the right audience and how to give them what they want.

I think idols are similar to the service industry. There’s a clear target audience and that audience has a distinct taste they want. So idols have to have the characteristics that the audience wants. And so when this is fulfilled, there is consumption. Fan service is the basic to every idol but what is important is to go above that.

— Bang Sihyuk

It seems that not only does he have amazing music and producing skills, Bang Sihyuk also has sharp business acumen! In other news, BTS will be releasing their new album, BE, in November 2020.

Source: theqoo


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