A Korean Burger Restaurant Keeps Going Viral For It’s Unexpected Slogan

A bold slogan that promises the best burgers.

Billionbox is a burger restaurant located in Itaewon, South Korea. Although the restaurant is known to have tasty burgers, it has repeatedly gone viral on social media for its unique advertising.

| @billionbox.official/Instagram

Many businesses rely on memorable slogans to advertise, and restaurants are no exception. Popular fast food chains have well-known slogans like McDonald‘s “I’m lovin’ it,” where they typically depict their food in a positive light.

Billionbox, however, prefers to gain notoriety for shading their competition.

Billionbox’s slogan on their packaging

Their slogan, “We believe that other burgers are sh*t,” definitely has captured the general public’s attention.

| @billionbox.official/Instagram

And Billionbox is well aware of its viral marketing strategy, even reposting someone’s Instagram post with the caption “Works for us.”

Although some netizens believe that the boldness of the slogan would ensure delicious food…

Others have pointed out that since the slogan is in English instead of Korean, there may be less impact than international netizens think.

You can watch a video of Billionbox’s burgers being made here, showing the reason for their confidence in the slogan.

Source: Newsweek and Reddit

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