This Female Idol Is Coming For YoonA’s “X-Line Queen” Title

Her X-Line is impossible to ignore.

Girls’ Generation‘s YoonA has the most famous X-Line in K-Pop, but OH MY GIRL‘s Binnie just might be her successor.


The “X-Line” is a Korean body term that refers to slim women with equally wide hips and shoulders that draw attention to their very narrow waists. For years, fans have named YoonA as their X-Line queen…

10+ Times Yoona Revealed Her Famous X-Line Body Shape


…and it’s easy to see why. Her gorgeous figure is the epitome of the ideal X-Line!


Like YoonA, Binnie’s X-Line is difficult to ignore.


Binnie’s long-legged, slim-waisted figure turns heads wherever she goes.


Both of these X-Line beauties look incredible in form-fitted stage costumes…


..crop tops…


…and sportswear.


Not to mention, they are stunning when they dance!


YoonA will always be the original Queen of X-Lines, but what do you think?


Is Binnie next in line to the throne?