Here Are The Bizarre Ways Korean Students Steal Makeup According To A Viral YouTube Video

Netizens are claiming that the bizarre methods are true.

The Korean YouTube channel, Powder Room recently uploaded a video about the bizarre ways students steal makeup, and it has gone viral.

The video shows various examples of how female students in Korea steal makeup from cosmetic shops.

One scene showed an example of how female students steal lipstick…

By storing it in their mouths.

And another scene demonstrated how female students steal foundation…

By transferring the samples into their own compacts.

But that’s not all. The video even demonstrated instances where female students bring empty containers of their own to bring samples home.

Although the methods were played out by actors, netizens are claiming that they’re true.

I’ve seen lots of people do this.

– Netizen

One netizen who claims to work at a cosmetic shop verified the methods as well.

There are many people who do that. There are even people who confidently take off the wrappers and carry them out of the store.

– Netizen

Check out the full video below:

Source: Insight