Netizens Shocked That “Semantic Error” Actor Park Seoham Is Actually The “Mystery” Man In Old BTS Pictures

The pictures have resurfaced following the BL K-Drama’s popularity!

Despite the conservative and traditional views held by Korean society in regards to sexuality, it seems that K-Dramas have recently seen a slight hint of expansion into the BL (Boy Love) genre as of late.

One of the latest series to catch the attention of netizens is Semantic Error starring DONGKIZ’s Jaechan and former KNK idol, Park Seoham.

“Semantic Error” poster

With the rising popularity of the show worldwide, the cast has also had a spotlight shone on them, despite being stars for a long time.

In particular, lead actor Park Seoham was trained for a long time to be an idol and eventually debuted in the group KNK. He left the group in September 2021 and has since focused on his acting.

Park Seoham | @parkseoham/ Instagram

| @parkseoham/ Instagram

Many fans fell in love with the idol’s talent, visuals, and proportions while in the group. Yet, he has recently caught the attention of netizens again after many thought he looked familiar… and it’s all because of BTS.

Park Seoham trained for a very long time under various companies, including JYP Entertainment, but one of the biggest surprises was that he used had trained in BigHit Entertainment with BTS.

BigHit Entertainment trainees. | @parkjsmin/Twitter

Throughout the years, BTS has showcased just how close they still are with Park Seoham, sharing images with each other. For many, they didn’t actually realize who he was for a long time and just assumed it was one of the group’s mutual friends.

In particular, he seems to have a very close friendship with the oldest member Jin. Throughout the years, the two have shared several pictures with each other.

Jin even helped to promote KNK and Park Seoham through BTS’s official Twitter.

KNK’s Seungjun, good luck for your debut showcase today. You know that hyung doesn’t express support for someone with my bare face often, right? Be thankful for life.

— Jin

Even when Park Seoham was on Mixnine, Jin made sure to buy him some sushi…

After the success of the show, netizens couldn’t stop sharing their thoughts on how shocked they were that the person in the photo with BTS was Park Seoham. In particular, they couldn’t imagine that there might have been a time he debuted with the group.

Although Park Seoham has recently enlisted for his mandatory duties, his fame has definitely sky-rocketed again with the release of Semantic Error. Throughout the series, both Seoham and Jaechan have broken down traditional Korean ideas through their commitment.

You can read about the friendship between Park Seoham and Jin below.

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