Black Eyed Pilseung’s Rado Explains How Forming STAYC Was Fate

STAYC was meant to be!

Many groups have interesting debut stories that seem like they’re made-up stories, rather than reality. In an interview with Korea Music Contents Association (KMCA)‘s secretary-general, Choi Kwang HoRado of Black Eyed Pilseung explained how they were able to form STAYC and how it truly was up to fate!

STAYC | @STAYC_official/Twitter

Black Eyed Pilseung (B.E.P) are the duo responsible for many of K-Pop’s biggest girl group hits. Their credits include SISTAR‘s “Touch My Body”, TWICE‘s “Like Ooh-Ahh” and “Fancy”, and Apink‘s “I’m So Sick” and “Eung Eung (%%)”.  The duo also won Composer of the Year at the Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards in 2015, 2016, and 2019.

In 2017, they launched an entertainment company called High-Up Entertainment, which is now home to Sairo(415) and STAYC.

STAYC at their debut showcase.

During the interview, Choi Kwang Ho first asked Rado how they were able to work with so many popular girl groups and his response was through lucky circumstances they were contacted to create “Touch My Body.” This led to them working on TWICE’s debut track!

When asked about STAYC’s initial concept and how they decided the group was going to work, Rado explained that “there were ups and downs and happy accidents” involved in the group-making process. They also had difficulty with casting from auditions.

He then states that being invited to a private audition at JYP Entertainment was where it all changed. It was at that audition that he saw STAYC’s Sieun, who was originally attempting to debut as an actor.

“I was thinking about what a shame it was that we didn’t have someone like her (Sieun) at our agency.”

— Rado

STAYC’s Sieun | SBS

At the time Sieun’s future as an actor under JYPE was somewhat unsure. Later on, a staff member at JYPE reached out and asked Rado if he would like to meet her. Rado said that the coincidence and act of fate “gave him shivers!”

Rado then says that something similar happened with Yoon as well: she was on the track to become an actor as well, but Rado saw her potential as a musical performer and knew he wanted her to join the group.

STAYC’s Yoon | MNet

Choi Kwang Ho also admits that he advised Rado against debuting a girl group under their agency! It seems like despite everything, STAYC was truly fated to be a group!

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