“Commentary King” Suga Is Back In BTS’s “Black Swan” Reaction Video

His reaction to “Black Swan” MV is everything fans could hope for.

If there’s one BTS member who should launch a reaction channel on YouTube, it’s Suga!

Whenever BTS reacts to their music videos and concert footage, Suga’s blunt, snarky commentary cracks everyone up. Their latest reaction video is no exception!

On March 17, BangtanTV released BTS‘s reaction to their “Black Swan” music video. In it, the members praise each other’s performances, talk about filming, and freak out over Jimin‘s wings.

Meanwhile, Suga kept ARMY entertained with his on-brand commentary. First, he summed up this visual masterpiece as a typical K-Pop music video.

Then, when J-Hope pointed out how large the camera’s wide-angle lens made Jimin’s feet look, Suga added specifics.

The highlight, however, was when Suga summed up Jimin’s heart wrenching ‘first death‘ as a hangover!

This “commentary king” never disappoints!