BTS’s Reaction To Jimin’s “Black Swan” Wings Is Our Reaction Too

Even Jimin was surprised!

Jimin‘s jaw-dropping transformation from human to black swan surprised everyone, including his members!

On March 17, BangtanTV released BTS‘s reaction to their “Black Swan” music video. As always, the members praised each other’s performances, visuals, and made Bangtan style commentary.

The biggest reaction came when black wings sprang from Jimin’s back. Suga‘s commentary was suddenly cut off by RMJungkookJin, and J-Hope all shouting, “Ohhhh!”. 

RM compared Jimin to a high-level video game character…

…and Jungkook wanted to see more of Jimin’s wings.

Suga refused to let that happen. “I almost got slapped in the face,” he joked.

Jimin promised to be discreet about his wings, no matter how badly Jungkook and J-Hope tried to draw them out!

Watch the video here:


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