BLACKPINK Gives Advice To People Who Want To Audition For K-Pop Companies

There’s something judges care about more than skills.

If you’ve ever wanted to audition for Korean entertainment agencies, you’ve probably felt a little nervous. This is exactly what happened to listeners on Arirang Radio‘s Super K-Pop in 2017.

Lucky for them, the girls of BLACKPINK gave shout-outs and useful advice.

It was Rosé who took up the helm and instilled in them some confidence. She shared that the best thing one can do is to stand up tall and proud.

Just be yourself, really. Stare them down like, ‘I’m here!’

— Rosé

Jennie also gave tips on how an audition really goes. Contrary to some expectations, judges aren’t looking for people who are full of talent right away. Instead, they try to spot people with potential.

It’s really not about how well you try to sing and everything. I feel like it’s more about the confidence you show them and the amount of merit you show them.

— Jennie

Rosé added that more than one’s current skills, it’s their attitude that’s the most important factor to consider. Their personal colors must shine.

[Show] your personality. Be like, ‘I’m here!’

— Rosé

Both Rosé and Jennie joined YG Entertainment through open auditions. In fact, the former was the only one who made it through the 2012 Sydney auditions! If there’s anyone qualified to give advice to idol aspirants, it’s BLACKPINK.

Check out the full video below!

Source: YouTube