BLACKPINK Sends Gifts To Fans As Apology For Lotte Festival Incident

They wanted to make it up to BLINKs.

Feeling guilty for being unable to finish their stage at the 2018 Lotte Duty Free Family Festival, BLACKPINK provided BLINKs with a special treat.


While performing their stage yesterday, the group was suddenly cut off and rushed backstage. Although the announcer explained they would return to finish their set, they never did.

BLACKPINK Get Cut Off Mid-Performance And Sent Off Stage, BLINK’s Are Pissed


To apologize for the mix-up, the group provided ice cream to fans who attended their MBC Show! Music Core recording.


Each fan received their own cup, which was topped with a sticker that read “DDU-DU DDU-DU Ice Cream.”

BLACKPINK was never able to perform “DDU-DU DDU-DU,” their newest title track, during the Lotte Festival.


Fans were thankful to receive the treat during a hot day, but insisted that yesterday’s incident was in no way BLACKPINK’s fault.


The concert organizers also apologized to BLINKs for the incident, taking full responsibility for what had happened.