BLACKPINK Were Spotted Supporting Ariana Grande At Coachella 

Now all we need is photos of them together!

Everyone has been waiting for BLACKPINK and Ariana Grande to meet up at Coachella for a long time now and it looks like they finally did!


A few weeks ago, Ariana Grande had BLINKs incredibly excited when she not only revealed she knew BLACKPINK, but that she was also a fan and had planned on seeing them at Coachella!


Missing them the first week, Ariana was planning on seeing them the second week but ultimately wasn’t able to see their performance then either.

Guess who’s coming to Coachella in sweats to enjoy some music… me and the homies! P.S. We’re late because I had an anxiety attack, I’m so sad. ILY BLACKPINK.

— Ariana Grande


All was not lost, however, as some fans reported that not only did they see Lisa, Jennie, and Rosé at Ariana’s performance…


But that they also saw them heading backstage! On top of fan sightings, photos were also snapped of them backstage wearing Ariana’s special NASA merch!


With BLACKPINK showing some major love and support to Ariana, BLINKs are even more hyped for photos of them together!