This Or That: BLACKPINK Chooses The Type Of Guy They Prefer Most

They also answered two other questions.

There are some things that BLACKPINK completely agrees on and others that they don’t. When they appeared on Arirang‘s radio show Super K-Pop, they had to pick between two options at the same time.

No matter if it’s about clothes or their ideal types, they all gave honest answers. Check out their difference in opinions below!

1. What’s harder to buy: buying shoes or clothes

For the first question, they were asked if buying shoes or clothes is more difficult. Everyone in the group picked shoes except for Jennie.

She explained that there are many different types of clothes, and the variety makes her confused at times.

There are so many options: tops, pants, skirts.

— Jennie

When asked if they receive free clothes whenever they enter stores, the girls laughed and said, “Sadly, no!”

2. What’s preferable: a cute guy or sexy guy

Next up, they had to choose between a guy who is known to be cute or sexy. Again, Jennie was alone with her choice as everyone except her picked a cute guy.

She couldn’t really explain her preference for sexy guys, saying, “I mean, if I had to pick out of cute and sexy, I feel like…I’ll just stop there”.

3. What’s their type: a funny guy or handsome guy

Finally, BLACKPINK was asked if they prefer guys who have a good sense of humor or ones who have great faces. To the surprise of host Sam Carter, they all picked the former!

For BLACKPINK, personality is more important than visuals.

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Check out the full video below.

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