BLACKPINK Songwriter LØREN Reacts To The Group Cursing On Stage At “Coachella 2023”

“I sort of thought they were going to do it, but they…”

As BLACKPINK made history headlining the 2023 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival (also known as Coachella), the group drove fans wild with their performances and stylish stage outfits. In particular, BLINKs loved how freely the members dropped a few explicit words mid-performance or to hype up the crowd.

Since LØREN also took the Coachella stage, he shared his reaction to checking out BLACKPINK’s performance in person.

LØREN performing at “Coachella 2023.” | @lorenisalone/Instagram

On The Zach Sang Show, host Zach Sang pointed out that many people are often “confused that BLACKPINK curses in their songs” because of the carefully-crafted image of K-Pop idols. Co-host Dan Zolot confirmed that he was initially confused as well. They weren’t alone, either.

Although LØREN has been a songwriter for the group and worked closely with them, even he didn’t fully expect BLACKPINK to go all the way with it during Coachella. They all laughed as he imitated his surprised reaction to hearing BLACKPINK curse live.

I mean, I sort of thought they were going to do it. But, you know, they put a lot of emphasis into it, like ‘I say F*CK it!’ I’m like, ‘Oh, sh*t. Are we going there?’


Since it’s uncommon for idols to curse at all, that’s why LØREN appreciated it. He praised BLACKPINK for going past the idol image and showing off how badass they are as rock stars.

But I liked it. You know, it’s cool. I think breaking boundaries between that image and actually being rock stars is a movement that they’re trying to do. And I think that’s very cool.


Not only did BLACKPINK make history, but they also shattered misconceptions about K-Pop idols.


See LØREN share his reaction to seeing the group hold nothing back at Coachella.


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