BLINKs May Have Discovered BLACKPINK’s Next Comeback Concept

…and it couldn’t be more perfect!

Like many K-Pop detectives, BLINKs love searching for hidden clues, but this time they may have made found something big: BLACKPINK‘s comeback concept.


BLACKPINK made their comeback with “DDU-DU DDU-DU” on June 15, just two short months ago, but BLINKs are already hungry for more.


After scouring social media, BLINKs have compiled evidence that BLACKPINK’s next comeback concept will be…




How did they come to this conclusion? It’s elementary, dear reader! Eagled-eyed BLINKs have noticed a butterfly emoji fluttering its way through the members’ personal Instagram accounts…


…and BLACKPINK’s official Instagram account too!


Rosé even directly referenced butterflies in this post.


Fans have also pointed out a new butterfly-like hand movement Lisa performed during a group live stage…


…and in her solo performance.


Then there’s this beautiful butterfly dress Jennie wore for “Forever Young”.


In Korean culture, butterflies have a variety of meanings based on their colour and context, but one of the most internationally popular meanings is “rebirth”. Rebirth + comeback? Could there be a better match?


Color-wise, most fans seem to be fixating on blue, since BLACKPINK has often used blue butterfly emojis in their posts. Blue butterflies can symbolize joy, a change in luck, or be seen as wish-granters.


Fans have already started brainstorming ideas for this hypothetical concept by matching the BLACKPINK members with different butterflies.


As if the butterfly theory isn’t exciting enough, fans also believe they know when BLACKPINK’s mysterious comeback will be happening. Some claim it will be in November, due to this Amazon listing.


Will BLACKPINK be back in November with butterflies? We’ll just have to wait and see!