BLACKPINK Reveals The First Time They Ever Saw Jisoo Cry

Only this event could have made Jisoo emotional

Jisoo is known for being in touch with goofiness while interacting with her fellow members. She is beloved among BLINKs as a stunning visual who is not afraid to act silly in front of the camera.

As the group’s oldest member, however, she is devoted to her other members, even when she sasses them with her witty comments.

In a recent live broadcast, Jisoo discussed her role as a source of positivity and encouragement for the other members as well as the burdens of being the eldest of the four.

When I cry, I cry secretly, away from the other members

While BLACKPINK has experienced many emotional and exciting events since their debut, Jisoo has rarely been seen crying onscreen in contrast to her members—often hiding her emotions and being responsible for articulating the group’s gratitude and regards.

Following this, Lisa and Rosé confessed that despite training and living together for six years, they had never seen Jisoo cry.

Rose then remembered one time—the only time—she did see Jisoo cry.

Ah! That time when Jennie hurt her ankle on stage, you cried. It was my first time seeing you cry

You see, before their debut, YG Entertainment was originally proposing to debut their new girl group in 2013, with teasers being released since 2012. The debut was continuously delayed, however, while the BLACKPINK members continued to work hard and strengthen their talents as trainees.

When the members were finally able to debut in 2016, after all these years of waiting and practising, Jennie injured herself while they were working hard to perfect their debut on SBS‘s Inkigayo.

Despite the immense pain and discomfort, Jennie was determined to power through and took painkillers in order to be able to return to the stage and finish her performance… It’s no wonder Jisoo was brought to tears!

While Jisoo often has to professionally control her emotions, the fact that she burst crying while sharing Jennie’s pain underscores the strong bond that Jennie and Jisoo share, as well as the closeness between the BLACKPINK members.

Source: Yibada


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