BLINKs Upset With YG Entertainment For Releasing 12th Version Of The Same Album

They feel cheated.

YG Entertainment just announced the tracklist for BLACKPINK‘s first Japanese album, and fans aren’t happy about it.


Blackpink in Your Area is scheduled to drop on December 5. It will consist of nine tracks: one Japanese version of each of BLACKPINK’s nine existing songs. There will be no new songs on the album.


This news hasn’t been well-received since this will be the 12th time YG Entertainment has rehashed the same BLACKPINK hits in a different format.


BLINKs had been hoping for an album of entirely new songs…


…or, at minimum, a couple new B-side tracks.


Fans believe YG Entertainment is being disrespectful to BLACKPINK, Japanese BLINKs, and the fandom as a whole by continuing the repackage the same content. Some even see it as a cash grab.


Even though this album will not have new songs, fans are hoping that BLACKPINK’s next release will. In the meantime, they are looking forward to seeing what BLACKPINK’s solo debuts have in store for them.

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