BLACKPINK Jennie’s #1 Bucket List Wish Made Her Members Shake In Fear

They can’t keep up with daredevil Jennie 😂

BLACKPINK‘s Prison Interview with 1theK Originals not only brought some laughter by showing a new side of Rosé, but also revealed how much of a daredevil Jennie is.

| jennierubyjane/Instagram

Of the many questions that Jennie collected for the group to answer, one asked what the top thing she wanted to do in her lifetime was. “What’s your number one bucket list wish?” Though an average person’s list is long, Jennie knew exactly what she wanted to do.

If there was only one thing she could do, Jennie wanted to take to the skies for the ultimate thrill. She nonchalantly offered, “Skydiving.” The rest of her members were far from excited about the idea.

Just thinking about it made Jisoo gasp in fear. She wasn’t the only one afraid of such an extreme stunt. Lisa read her mind, “I think it’ll be scary.

Still thinking about it, Jisoo became even more afraid. “I got goose bumps.” Despite her members noting how scary they found it, Jennie wasn’t phased one bit. She already planned where she’d accomplish it, “I’d like to try skydiving in Hawaii.

Fortunately, Jennie may not be trying it all alone. After hearing the plan, one of them—most likely Rosé—commented that it didn’t sound like a bad wish at all, “Sounds good.”

When the girls have time for a vacation in the future, Jennie may be able to scratch that off her bucket list safely. See BLACKPINK’s fearful yet funny responses to Jennie’s daredevil wish here.