BLACKPINK’s Jennie Had The Cutest Response To A Fan’s Question About Her Peach Preferences

Guess which type of peaches Jennie likes?

Not all peaches are made the same! After the long-drawn debates in the K-Pop industry about mint chocolate and if straws have two holes or one, the latest debate is between soft peaches and hard ones. Soft peaches are referred to as mul-bok, while hard ones are ddak-bok. Hard peaches have a texture similar to a soft apple or pear while mul-bok usually is squishier like a prune.

A BLINK asked BLACKPINK‘s Jennie through Weverse about her preference for peaches and she had the cutest answer.

  • Fan: “Unnie, do you like ddak-bok or mul-bok?? I will eat only what unnie eats…”
  • Jennie: “What’s that?”
  • Jennie: “Oh I see you were referring to peaches… I’m a true fan of peaches so I’m not picky but it’s not a secret that what I’m eating right now is ddak-bok.”

| Weverse

Well now that we have Jennie’s answer, we know what we’ll be eating from now on! Jennie recently made her return to South Korea after a stint in the States and is currently undergoing self-quarantine!