BLACKPINK’s Jennie Radiates Effortless Cool And Chic Charm Dressed All In Black

Jennie in all black is powerful!

It’s an undeniable truth that no matter what color BLACKPINK‘s Jennie wears she absolutely slays, but recently, her all-black look proved to be especially powerful and left everyone feeling very much under attack.

Jennie recently headed to Instagram to share just how much she misses BLINK. Her sweet message had hearts skipping a beat, but that wasn’t the only thing about her post that sent hearts soaring!

Along with her sweet message to fans, Jennie also decided to bless us all with a series of selcas. Dressed in all black with matching black sunglasses and a sleek ponytail, Jennie radiated chic and cool energy.

With Jennie’s intense visuals and fierce energy shining, it’s really no wonder that she left everyone feeling more than a little overwhelmed!

While Jennie definitely slays every color she wears, Jennie in all black is just too powerful!


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Miss everyone

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