The Moment That Showed How Down To Earth BLACKPINK Jennie’s Family Was Despite Their Wealth

All moms can relate.

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie may be our resident rich girl, but her family is incredibly down to earth despite their wealth. Not only does her family stay out of the radar, there was one moment in Jennie’s vlog that showed her mom was just like any other mom!

Jennie wanted to have strawberries with condensed milk as a treat. However, she realized the expiration date had passed on it.

My mom, who’s taking the video for me now, she says to just eat the condensed milk even though the expiration date has passed. I don’t know if I’ll get sick from it, but it’s really good!

— Jennie

| theqoo

The comments on the video related to her so much.

  • “Originally, all moms tell you it’s okay.”
  • “Or they tell you to leave it because dad can have it.”

It’s nice to know that no matter how rich you are, moms will be moms! Check out the vlog below.

Source: theqoo