BLACKPINK Jennie’s Reaction To A Female Fan Asking To Date Her Will Make Your Heart Stop

Just wait until you hear her response.

What would you say if you scored an online fansign with your idol? While many of us would freeze up and go blank in their presence, some fans have actually been brave enough to confess their feelings to K-Pop stars over video call. Just take this fan of BLACKPINK‘s Jennie, for example.

In celebration of their 2021 Season’s Greetings package, BLACKPINK recently held an online video call fansign with just 10 lucky fans—including a Chinese fan by the name of 76-BLINK on Weibo.

The fan’s conversation with Jennie started out simple enough. 76-BLINK asked, “Unnie, what are you doing?”, to which Jennie replied, “I’m calling you!“.

| 76-BLINK/Weibo

But then, things took a turn for the romantic. Changing her line of questioning, the BLINK asked, “Oh, do you have girlfriend?“.

| 76-BLINK/Weibo

Naturally, Jennie’s answer was “No, I don’t…“—and that’s when 76-BLINK went in for the confession. Claiming Jennie as her girlfriend, the fan replied, “Nice! Then you are mine!“.

While idols receive love confessions from fans of the opposite gender all the time, receiving them from fans of the same gender is often less common. Given the challenges surrounding same-sex relationships in South Korea, many fans may have expected 76-BLINK‘s conversation with Jennie to take a turn for the awkward. However, that’s far from what really happened…

At first, Jennie seemed shocked, questioning the fan—”What did you say?!“. But 76-BLINK brazenly carried on trying to strike up a date with Jennie, repeating, “I said, ‘Then you are my girlfriend!'”.

| 76-BLINK/Weibo

That’s when Jennie gave a honey-voiced response that made every BLINK’s heart stop when they heard it.

Ohh, aww… Do you want me to be?

— Jennie

And it didn’t stop there. After the fan insisted, “Yup! Of course! You are!“, Jennie agreed. “I already am“, the BLACKPINK star said.

| 76-BLINK/Weibo

A clip of the interaction was uploaded to Twitter racked up over 200,000 views and more than 20,000 likes. In the responses, fellow BLINKs shared how floored they would’ve been if they were in 76-BLINK‘s place.

One even shared that they were still thinking about the interaction over a week later.

And many BLINKs—especially LGBT fans—were touched to see how Jennie played along and didn’t treat her fan any differently because of her gender.

Watch the full video clip for yourself here:

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Source: 76-BLINK/Weibo, @Jade4712/Twitter (CHN>ENG Translation) and @paintitblack_jn/Twitter (Featured Image)