The Details On BLACKPINK Jennie’s Two Beautiful Friends From The Calvin Klein Event

She took extra care of them.

 One of Jennie’s friends was originally reported to be model Park Hee Jung. It is model Joo Hee Jung.

Not only did BLACKPINK‘s Jennie serve looks at her Calvin Klein event, but there were also many celebrities who attended and interacted with each other.

Her friends, the Palestinian twins Simi and Haze, even DJ’ed the party to introduce an upcoming song Jennie has with The Weeknd. They weren’t the idol’s only guests who caught attention, either.

Jennie with twins Simi and Haze. | @simihaze/Instagram

At one point during the party, Jennie attempted to take a photo with two women. She quickly noticed that one of them wasn’t ready.

Because the woman’s hands were full, Jennie politely took her jacket to free up her hands. Seeing Jennie take extra care of them had fans wondering who the two women were.

The woman Jennie helped was her friend xooos, a YouTuber with 1.5 million subscribers, who’s known for her covers of Pop songs.

xooos | @xooos_/Instagram

The other friend was Joo Hee Jung, a freelance model who posts her selfies, commercial modeling work, and more under the username @jujujuheejung on Instagram.

Hee Jung shared photos from the Calvin Klein launch party in her Instagram stories…

xooos and Joo Hee Jung

…including this photo posted by xooos.


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