James Corden Made Jennie Flinch Hard…But She Got Her Revenge

Jennie didn’t have much luck with the “Flinch” game until it was James’ turn:

When BLACKPINK come to play, they don’t mess around as James Corden found out when they played ‘Flinch’ on the Late Late Show With James Corden.


BLINKs have been anticipating their appearance on the show since it was first announced and when the time finally came, it was definitely worth the wait! Especially when it came to watching them play James’ famous “Flinch” game.


The aim of “Flinch” is for the guests to…well…not flinch when fruit is fired at high speeds towards them. Naturally, those with the highest probability of flinching go first and in this case, it was Jennie.


As Jennie and Jisoo tucked themselves behind the protective wall, James began talking to them to hide the moment he’d release the fruit. Jennie was already nervous and when the fruit was released she flinched…hard! Meanwhile, Jisoo impressed everyone with her nerves of steel!


After Jennie and Jisoo had their turn, Rosé and Lisa were up. Although they displayed a lot of confidence and declared they would be as unshakeable as Jisoo was. When it came time for the fruit they flinched as well and so did poor Jennie!


With Jennie’s double dose of flinching, she decided to ask James if he had ever undergone the test and when he willingly volunteered BLACKPINK were more than happy to load the fruit.


They quickly hid the buzzer so he wouldn’t know who was going to decide his fate but unsurprisingly it was Jennie who held it! When she finally decided to let the fruit fly, she really did shock James!


Check out the whole hilarious game as well as BLACKPINK’s sweet revenge in the video below.


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