Is This Y/N? — BLACKPINK’s Jennie Just Fulfilled A Lucky Fan’s Wish With The Help Of Jisoo

Fan service level 100%!

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie is known for her genuine love for fans.

From taking care of them in the most heart-fluttering ways…

…to carefully listening to everything they have to say, she’s always a source of comfort for those who love her.

During a recent “BORN PINK” concert, Jennie noticed a fan’s hilarious request from the crowd. As she squatted down, she saw a sign asking for her to pinch Jisoo‘s cheek!

With her cool charisma, she immediately nodded that she would take on the task!

As she looked around for Jisoo, she quickly stood up.

It didn’t take long for her to make her way over to Jisoo. Greeting fans along the way, she went straight for Jisoo’s cheek!

As Jennie pinched her, she looked back at the fan just to make sure they saw that she indeed fulfilled their wish!

Jennie’s wholesome interactions with BLINKs will always bring a smile to your face. Check out full video below!


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