BLACKPINK’s Jennie Once Got Mad At Jisoo For Doing This…Right In Front Of Her

It was the cutest betrayal.

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo once almost jeopardized her bestie status with Jennie by hilariously betraying her…right in front of her face.

It started during an online broadcast when Lisa commented that she and Jisoo were best friends. Instinctively, they performed a mini best friend dance.

Immediately after, Jisoo locked eyes with Jennie and realized her mistake — This was their BFF dance!

Jisoo failed in trying to shift Jennie’s attention to the funny way Lisa did the dance. Instead, Jennie was in shock that their special dance had moved on to other people.

Unnie, you’re doing it with other people now?!

— Jennie

Jisoo cracked up, realizing she had betrayed Jennie right in front of her.

You sing that melody to just anyone?!

— Jennie

Jennie wouldn’t let the eldest just laugh and get away with it!

The girls then performed the dance properly…

…and laughed about Lisa’s cute attempt.

However, Jennie doesn’t forget! Jisoo had to act cutesy in order to make it up to her BFF.

BLINKs can’t get enough of these two together!