Netizens Are Begging Jennie To Make Her Debut As An Actress

Can we please see Jennie in a historical drama?

Jennie always stuns onstage but now fans are hoping that someday soon they can see her debut as an actress!


Recently, Andrew Oh the Chief of Future Strategic Planning at the Paradise City Hotel and Resort in Korea, has been sharing clues and hints about an upcoming collaboration with BLACKPINK. These clues had BLINKs putting on their detective caps to figure out what the mysterious collaboration could really be!


Now, Paradise City has recently released a special trailer featuring Jennie! But this trailer isn’t just an ordinary trailer, it’s something straight out of a fantasy historical drama.


Throughout the clip, Jennie can be seen sporting a traditional hanbok…


Chasing after a mysterious deer…


And exploring beautiful places!


Seeing just how epic the teaser is, fans have already been stating that they would love to see Jennie debut as an actress!


They also think she would be amazing playing the lead in a historical drama because of how amazing she looked in the hanbok.


Now that Jennie has her teaser, fans can hardly wait to see Rosé, Lisa, and Jisoo‘s teasers too! But while the wait is on, check out Jennie’s teaser below and just imagine how amazing it would be if she debuted as an actress too!