BLACKPINK Jennie Reveals Her One Regret About Choosing Trainee Life Over Student Life

She doesn’t regret trainee life, but there’s a part of student life she wished for.

BLACKPINK‘s newly released Netflix documentary BLACKPINK: Light Up The Sky gives everyone a look into what the girls went through before debut and becoming one of the most well-known girl groups ever.

When looking back at their trainee days, Jennie opened up about what she missed out on most when choosing to be a trainee at such a young age.

Watching old clips of her practices as a trainee, Jennie thought fondly of those memories. Jennie wouldn’t trade all that she’d learned for anything else in the world. “I don’t regret spending time as a trainee, learning how to dance, how to sing.

Still, there was one part of life she couldn’t access as a trainee.

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Since trainees live in dorms, Jennie wished she could’ve stayed with her family during that crucial time. “But one thing I wish is to maybe have lived at home until I was like eighteen, nineteen.

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It wasn’t merely because she missed being surrounded by her family. Jennie yearned for the experiences that typical high school students have. “A lot of people make lots of memories as a high school student.

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While her other friends were attending school and making memories, Jennie didn’t have any idea what that felt like—especially in the competitive environment of fighting to debut. It was the one thing she wished to understand, “But I never had that.

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Sadly enough, EXO‘s Kai shared the same sentiment when looking back on his trainee days. Idols truly give up a lot to become the superstars they are. If Jennie didn’t make that sacrifice, she wouldn’t have become the singer everyone knows and loves.