Fans Photoshop BLACKPINK’s Jennie With Short Hair And The Results Are Absolutely Gorgeous

She needs to try this look ASAP. 😍

When it comes to hairstyles, BLACKPINK‘s Jennie typically sports her signature long luscious locks. Only on very rare occasions has she rocked shorter hair — including wigs from various photoshoots!

However, some fans took it upon themselves to photoshop Jennie and give her a hair makeover, and the results are absolutely stunning!

Jennie’s shoulder length hair gives her a fresh look and even a bit of an edgy vibe to her style.

Some fans even tried out chin-length hair in their edits, emphasizing Jennie’s straight and dainty shoulder line.

It’s not exclusive to her usual dark hair — Take a look at how she would suit short strawberry blonde hair!

Another fan-favorite color is platinum blonde, which would give her a whole new look and bring out her big, doll-like eyes.

With short hair, her look can be trendy and chic…

…or classic and romantic, depending on the style and cut.

If one thing is for sure, it’s that Jennie can look stunning in any style she tries!

Hopefully, we can see her try out a bold cut for real in the future. Until then, we’ll just have to settle for these fanmade edits!