This Pre-BLACKPINK Performance Proves Jennie Was Born For Stardom

She blew everyone way.

It’s hard for BLINKs to imagine K-Pop without BLACKPINK‘s Jennie, but just a short time ago this idol was still a trainee dreaming of stardom.


In 2010, Jennie joined YG Entertainment and began working toward the debut she would make 6 years later with BLACKPINK.


Even as a trainee, it was clear that Jennie had something special: that “it” factor every idol needs. She began winning the hearts of future BLINKs when she appeared in G-Dragon‘s 2012 music video for “That XX”.


Following this exposure, Jennie became one of the best-known trainees in YG Entertainment at the time. It was clear, just from her cameo, how much charisma she would have on stage.


A year later, Jennie proved it with this 2013 duet with G-Dragon. This is the first time many fans heard Jennie sing, and her beautiful voice blew them away.


It may have been nerve-wracking to sing “Black” with one of the most legendary kings of K-Pop, but if Jennie was nervous she hid it well.


Jennie has said that she struggled to figure out which cameras to look at, but, even so, she sang with confidence and a steady, heart-fluttering gaze.


In addition to this collab, Jennie also featured in several other YG Entertainment artists’ songs, such as Lee Hi‘s “Special”, and BIGBANG Seungri‘s “GG BE”.


When Jennie was confirmed as an official member of BLACKPINK, fans were thrilled because they already knew she would be famous!


Check out Jennie’s and G-Dragon’s “Black” live stage here.