Jennie And Irene May Have Gone On A “Friend Date” In Paris

These besties may have hung out together during Paris Fashion Week.

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie and Red Velvet‘s Irene may have gone on a “friend date” in Paris, according to “BLACKVELVET” fans.


Jennie and Irene are close friends, who love to spend time together. They can often be seen hanging out together and cheering each other on at award shows.


They have also met up in their free time in Korea and abroad. Back in February, a fan spotted Irene and Jennie having a meal in Los Angeles.


On March 5, Irene and Jennie both attended Paris Fashion Week.


Irene was representing the brand Miu Miu, while Jennie was there for Chanel.


Many BLACKVELVET fans have wondered if Irene and Jennie had a chance to meet up, and now it seems like that meet up may have happened at the Louis Vuitton Foundation. On March 9, Jennie posted this cute photo of herself standing outside of the building.


On March 29, Irene posted several photos of herself from her Paris trip in an Instagram story. In each one, Irene is standing outside of the same Louis Vuitton Foundation. This has led some fans to wonder if Irene and Jennie visited the gallery together.


Based on the differences in weather, and other factors, it’s unclear if this “friend date” actually happened, but “JenRene” fans can still hope!

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