BLACKPINK’s Jennie and Red Velvet’s Joy Slayed the Same Designer Outfit in Two Very Contrasting Ways

They both added their own flavor to the designer outfit from Italy.

Red Velvet‘s Joy just graced fans with loads of photos of herself in a stunning yellow outfit, proving that she can pull off just about anything with her gorgeous figure.

Joy truly stole the spotlight in the photos, but upon seeing the photos, some wondered, “Hey, haven’t we seen that outfit before?

And they were right.

Last December, BLACKPINK‘s Jennie shared multiple photos wearing the exact same outfit, and of course, slayed it.

Although it’s the exact same outfit by the Italian designer, Alessandra Rich, the two idols added their own flavor to the look with different hairstyles and makeup, while looking sexy at the same time.

The outfit goes for around $1000 apiece, but many would agree that both Jennie and Joy make it look much more expensive.


Who do you think wore it better?

It’s a tough comparison, but you be the judge:

Source: Dispatch

Same Fit, Different Vibes