BLACKPINK’s Jennie And Red Velvet’s Joy Once Wore The Same $25 Top, But Made It Look Like It Was Fresh Off The Catwalk

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Although K-Pop stars are known to wear some of the top designer brands costing a lot of money, many will also choose to wear more affordable brands that most fans will know about.

Recently, netizens noticed that two huge K-Pop idols once wore the same top and looked like they were ready for the catwalk. The catch was that the top came from the brand Forever 21! The Daisy Crochet Cropped Cami has been available at the shop for a while and, before the sale price of $10 USD, only cost $24 USD.

| Forever 21

The first female idol was BLACKPINK‘s Jennie! As the ambassador for Chanel, she is used to wearing designer clothes of top quality and price! Yet, back in 2019, Jennie wore the floral top in an Instagram post.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie | @jennierubyjane/ Instagram

Teamed with a yellow gingham headband, Jennie exuded summer vibes and looked like she was ready for a beautiful day out in the countryside! Yet, with her signature flicked eyeliner, she added a touch of sophistication to a youthful and innocent look.

A year later, Red Velvet‘s Joy wore the same top for a photoshoot with ESPOIR in 2020. Like Jennie, Joy exuded summer vibes in her images.

Red Velvet’s Joy | ESPOIR

Unlike Jennie, Joy preferred to accessorize the outfit with a pair of gold hoop earrings, which added perfectly to the outfit. The bright background and playfulness with the paint also added an air of cheekiness and playfulness to the images.


Despite both idols giving off different vibes with this top, they managed to make this affordable top look like it came straight off any major designer catwalk! It seems that idols continue to prove that looking amazing doesn’t always need designer labels or prices.

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