Jennie Revealed What It’s Like Being The “Human Chanel”

Jennie and Chanel go hand in hand:

Chanel Korea really couldn’t have chosen a better brand ambassador than BLACKPINK‘s Jennie after all she is known as the “Human Chanel”. While fans love her nickname since she always looks elegant and sexy in the Chanel clothing, Jennie herself recently revealed how she truly feels about the nickname.


On March 22, Dazed magazine revealed some stunning photos from their shoot with Jennie to be featured in the magazine’s April issue. The photos were absolutely gorgeous and certainly showed off Jennie’s visual power.


Of course, Jennie also wore a few Chanel accessories and looked as flawless as ever!


Her fashion choices may be the reason why she was later asked about her “Human Chanel” nickname. After the shoot, Jennie revealed what being the “Human Chanel” and being the ambassador for Chanel Korea really means to her.

Chanel is a brand that I always dreamed about and I had always thought it would have been amazing to work with them just one. Now that dream has come true! I’m so happy and I’m having a lot of fun.

— Jennie


Jennie’s Chanel dream has come true and BLINKs’ dream of seeing Jennie in even more Chanel has too! It looks like Chanel and Jennie really are a perfect match!


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