BLACKPINK’s Jennie Reveals Which Chanel Look She Wants To Wear On Stage Next

She would rock any look!

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie recently spoke with Caroline de Maigret, ambassador for the French house of Chanel, where the two discussed Chanel’s Fall-Winter 2021/22 Ready-to-Wear show. The two talked about their favorite looks as well as the overall setting of the shows. Jennie also revealed the piece from the show she’d love to wear on stage!

Caroline de Maigret started the conversation and asked Jennie’s take on the overall show. Jennie replied that she loved the show and named its charms: “I absolutely loved it you know? It was bold and somewhat very romantic.”

Getting to the show’s looks, Caroline de Maigret questioned Jennie on whether she had a specific outfit she liked enough to wear on stage! Caroline de Maigret asked, “Do you have some favorite looks? Is there one that you would actually wear on stage?”

Without hesitation, Jennie named the piece of clothing she could see herself performing in. Jennie pointed out some stunning jeans and shared, “I think I could totally wear the jeans with like a cute top on stage.” Jennie clarified that wearing those jeans on stage is something fans will definitely see at one point. Jennie commented, “I will one day.

The interview concluded and the two exchanged sweet words of goodbyes. Caroline de Maigret stated, “Well we miss you in Paris” and Jennie replied, “I miss you guys too. I hope to see you guys one day.”

Whatever Jennie wears, fans know she’ll look amazing in it! As many know, Jennie is an ambassador for Chanel and as an ambassador of the fashion house, Jennie is often seen rocking several Chanel pieces both on and off the stage! Here are some recent stunning Chanel looks of Jennies:

| @jennierubyjane/Instagram
| @jennierubyjane/Instagram

Check out the conversation below: