Will We Ever See BLACKPINK’s Jennie With Short Hair? Here’s What She Says

She answered directly.

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie is known for her gorgeous, long hair. However, fans have always wondered how she would look with short hair.

She has occasionally rocked a wig to give the illusion of short hair in a photoshoot for Elle Korea.

However, in an interview, fans asked her directly if we could ever get the chance to see her with short hair again.

Unfortunately, she answered, “Probably not.” However, she has her reasoning!

Though she’s a fan of the low maintenance look…

…she likes to keep it long in case she needs it for an upcoming concept.

She never knows if her long hair will suit a new concept, so she keeps it just in case.

Lisa suggested Jennie could always wear a wig, so the idea isn’t completely off the table.

As a far as a real hair cut goes, Jennie “doesn’t plan on it anytime soon!”

Until then, we can just admire these gorgeous fanmade edits of her!

Fanmade edit
Fanmade edit
Fanmade edit