BLACKPINK’s Jennie May Have Started A Trend With Her Newest Favorite Accessory

What a true fashionista.

BLACKPINK has become known for their trendsetting fashion, as the four members of the girl group are often captured in the trendiest pieces. And while the girls are constantly setting new trends with everything they wear, one member in particular may have just started a new one — and it is none other than BLACKPINK’s very own Jennie.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie | theqoo

Jennie has been rocking a waist chain in several of her recent photos, showing off her true fashionista ways. Here she is wearing a thin gold chain, which she paired with a casual pair of white sweatpants and some fun braided pigtails.

| jennierubyjane/Instagram

In this photo, Jennie is wearing another thin waist chain, but this time with some low rise jeans and crop tank.

| jennierubyjane/Instagram

The BLACKPINK member has also worn the stylish waist chains for her performances as well. Pairing a thicker gold chain with another pair of jeans, Jennie showed off the lux, but casual look on stage.

| theqoo

Last, but not least, we have Jennie rocking a Chanel waist chain but this time — it’s over her clothing. Wearing a tight all-black outfit, the girl group member made sure that the designer waist accessory was the main focal point of the ensemble.

| jennierubyjane/Instagram

What an absolute queen!

Source: theqoo