BLACKPINK’s Jennie Wore This Outfit To The Airport And Fans Can’t Believe How Gorgeous She Is

She’s taking everyone’s breath away.

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie was seen arriving in Incheon Airport. There, she rocked a cropped, short-sleeved checkered top with a matching cardigan. For bottoms, she is seen wearing light-blue, flared, high waisted jeans. Her outfit highlights her tiny waist and amazing figure, causing netizens and BLINKs alike to swoon.

Many are freaking out over how tainy her waist is, as well as how nice her shoulders and collar-bones are. Netizens are saying that her proportions are perfect.

Many applaud her sense of style, saying that she looks cool even just walking in the airport. Some have even joked that the cold must not bother Jennie at all if she can wear something like that!

While Jennie and the rest of BLACKPINK made Incheon Airport their runway, fans had no idea why they were there. Many are wondering what the group is up to and are excited to find out what brings them to travel.